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This is where I profess my undying love for all things Tolkien, THG, Sherlock, Doctor Who and POTC.

MARVEL META is a new tumblog dedicated to all the amazing tags, the emotionally devastating text posts, reviews, essays and meta analysis related to the Marvel Universe. Villains are also featured, don’t let the gifset or the quote fool you. Join me if you like and please please please, reblog this post and spread the word! ♥

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make me choose:
anonymous asked: Chris Hemsworth or Chris Evans
     ↣ “I weep at everything. I just love things so much.”

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avengers meme | four otps (4/4) : Steve Rogers/Peggy Carter

"I might, even, when this is all over, go dancing."
"Then what are we waiting for?"
"The right partner."

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people who think steve rogers is a boring character probably didn’t watch the same movies

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